Oro Family Campground welcomes campers who enjoy traveling andsharing their camping experience with their family pets. Limit of two dogs per site.

  1. Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome at Oro FamilyCampground. If your dog shows behaviour that is protective and unfriendlyto strangers or other dogs, please leave it at home. If you do decide to bringthe dog it must wear a muzzle, for the protection of fellow campers and theirpets. Failure to comply with this policy will force us to ask you to find othercamping accommodations.
  2. All dogs are required to be under the control and visual observation of theirowners at all times. A 6’ (six foot) leash rule is in effect whenever the animalis outside the owner’s camping trailer, vehicle, cottage or motorhome. No dogshould be left tied up and unattended outside the owner’s camping equipment.As well, do not leave your pet locked up inside your camper if you are going tobe away.
  3. Allowing your dog to bark uncontrollably day or night will not be permitted.If you are not able to control your pet’s barking behaviour, you will be askedto leave your pet at home or make arrangements at a kennel.
  4. Your pets must be walked by a responsible person who must clean up afterthem.
  5. If your pet is tied outside, you must ensure that your pet cannot go past your siteboundaries.
  6. You must clean up after your pet on your site as well as when you are walkingyour pet.